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TVGuide 3000 - Futurama Premere Collector Set


Aliens, Cyclops, Robots, Oh My! It's

In his cosmic new comedy, Simpsons creator Matt Groening does the Time Warp (wait till you get a load of Y3K!)

Collect all three cards! In this week's TV Guide! The Future is Here! 1000 Years in the making! FUTURAMA - Tuesdays 8:30PM/7:30c - Starting April 6

TV Guide - April 3-9, 1999 featured trading card inserts introducing Fry, Bender and Leela to an unsuspecting public. This looked to be the makings of something I was destined to enjoy and as it turns out I became a big fan of this program that went on to run for 7 seasons, delivering 140 episodes.

After receiving my copy of The Guide in the mail (yes one copy has address label affixed - (to an address that no longer exists!)) I high-tailed it to the news stand to fish out the other two in the collector series. After holding on to these for all these years I am proud to offer them for sell here on

This seems to me like a fair price for such a rare bit of television/futurama-history.

Fry: I will now do the native dance of my people.
[Does The Hustle]
Turanga Leela: [Reading a book entitled "Dances of Ancient Bronx"] It says here that this part of the Hustle was a plea to the gods for a favor, usually a Trans-Am." - Futurama - 2002

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